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Homework Help: Car word probelm confusing me

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    Question: You happen to be the one driving down the Highway that this person pulls in front of. You prepare to make a fast lane switch but are boxed in by a transport truck in the fast lane. Thus, you step on the brake pedal. You are travelling 27.777 .. m/s (100 km/h) and are 100 m behind the sports car when you begin to decelerate. The sports car is travelling 11.111 .. m/s (40 km/h) and is accelerating at 1 m/s^2. Solve for the minimum value of deceleration required by your car to just barely avoid a collision with the sports car.

    i dont really know what to do.. i tried drawing a diagram to help, but its not working out for me, interpreting it.
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    did u try it yet
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    yea, i got the sports car being:
    v1 = 11.111 .. m/s
    a = 1 m/s^2
    d = d
    t = t (same for both)

    your car
    v1 = 27.77 .. m/s
    d = d - 100
    t = t
    a = ?
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