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Carbon atom arrangement

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    How are the atoms of carbon arranged when it combines with other atoms in organic compounds?
    is there any particular formula for the angles being exhibited by covalent bonds of the compound?
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    There is no simple answer. It depends what the other atoms are, and even then bonds can be single, double, or triple.

    The theory of orbital hybridization can be used to get an approximate value for the angles. In an actual molecule, the exact angles will depend on other factors. Actual values can be deduced from experimental spectra or better approximated using computational chemistry.
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    3D arrangement of atoms

    Thank you for your response.

    I just wanted to know the structure of molecules and their names in the following compounds
    (i) CCl4 (ii) SF6 (iii) Ethene, (iv) PCl5
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    You can google these chemical formulas. iii is already named.
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