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Carbon attracts Oxygen

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    Hi all,sorry if i commit any mistake while asking this question.
    Actually right now i am studying FEYNMAN lectures of physics vol.1.ON page 7 of chapter1 it is written and clearly understood that Carbon attracts Oxygen much more than carbon attracts carbon or oxygen atttracts oxygen.
    But if its ok then question arises The diamond should get disappear as carbon atoms in it must interact with oxygen. Similar cases should be arises with other substances containing carbon?
    I hope the question is clear to you.
    Sorry ,if commited any mistake.
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    Re: Confusion!!!

    He was talking about free atoms, not atoms already locked in a chemical bond.
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    Re: Confusion!!!

    But sir, then what will happen if oxygen atom approaches with high velocity???. (In short air may blow fast)??
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    Re: Confusion!!!

    According to this article, diamond can burn:

    Presumably this means that diamond would like to combine with oxygen, but the reaction has an activation energy, meaning that it has to pass through a higher energy state in order to reach a lower energy state.
    http://www.wwnorton.com/college/chemistry/gilbert/concepts/chapter14/ch14_5.htm [Broken]
    http://www.chem.wisc.edu/~newtrad/CurrRef/BDGTopic/BDGtext/BDGDmnd.html [Broken]
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