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Homework Help: Carbon dating help needed

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    Carbon dating!!!..urgent help needed

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    -- The half life of the isotope 32P is 14.28 days. A stock solution of 32PO43 contained 7659 Bq of activity in 25 cm3 at 09.00 hours on the 7th June. 250Bq of 32P is required for an experiment starting at 15.00 hours on the 19th June. What volume of the stock solution of 32PO43- would be required to give the desired activity at 15.00 hours on the 19th June

    Ive had a few attempts at this and dont seem to have much idea of how to solve this question, could anyone help solve it urgently?

    Please help
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    Show us your attempts. What equations are you using? What are you getting stuck on?We can't just solve it for you, but we can help figure out where you're going wrong.
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    thats the problem, im not to sure which equation i shoudl be using
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    Activity and half life in the same equation, do you know an equation that satisfy this?
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