Carbon Fiber Car Frames: Really?


    Is this really feasible? I was under the impression that mass production of carbon fiber structures like this was still too slow and the fiber too expensive to make?

    Obviously I'm wrong, but what happned to make this possible?
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    "Obviously I'm wrong, but what happned to make this possible?"

    Processes are developing since the good old days of hand made parts?
  4. Heh, yeah... but with carbon fiber? I feel like a blinked and missed something...
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    All that happened was that somebody realized how big the market is. This is no different in principle from the development of cheap digital cameras, computer printers, etc.

    Of course if you live in a country where 40% of the population thinks religion trumps science, and a large number think global warming is a myth, that may explain why the innovations are happening some place else.

    The 3-years-late-and-counting Boeing 787 is hardly a shining example of successful technological innovation, but check out where the composite material components are coming from. The answer isn't Seattle.
  6. Ooof... well, I guess that counts as the obvious answer, and the best one... bit painful, but also undeniable.

    Thanks AlephZero!
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