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Carbon Fiber

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    I am starting to learn how to make carbon fiber products
    i am not sure about what type of resin/epoxy? to use
    does the resin/epoxy give it that nice exterior? or is something else needed?

    any suggestions in general would be much appreciated

    thank you
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    The quality of the surface finish is as dependent on the type of matrix used as the manufacturing process chosen, and the quality of the moulds/dies. Depending on your manufacturing process, you might choose to coat the product (once formed) with another layer of resin, or paint, in order to get a nice smooth surface.
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    is there a specific resin i should use to adhere the fiber?
    would just regular 2 ton epoxy work?
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    I don't know what "regular 2 ton epoxy" is, but the choice of matrix will depend on your application (epoxy resins being very common).
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    Jeffco R504 resin and 3223 cure.

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    The resin should be easy to work with - the 2 ton stuff in the little tubes is going to be expensive per ounce and is going to not 'wet out' the fibers as easily as some others. If you don't have good coverage of the fibers then the strength will be diminished greatly because they are not held together well.

    Here is a good inexpensive resin, note the different working times and mix ratios. Below their 635 laminating resin they have some West systems resins as well.

    A different selection at slightly higher prices (and with more accessories) is here:

    If your stuff will be exposed to sunlight you'll want to either paint it with an opaque paint or a UV protectant clear paint, or choose a resin designed to resist UV light like System3's SB112:

    If you register with them you can get their Epoxy book, its 51 pages of all kinds of interesting facts about laying up fiber reinforced composities and other stuff related to boating that's easy to skim over. They discuss common mistakes and offer some good advice on tips to make parts of the process easier. Highly recommended.

    If you're still not comfortable with the whole process, fibreglast has a set of videos that goes on sale from time to time for around $100 that has some good info in it as well, and shows a couple real life projects like a carbon fiber shell/unibody frame for a high-mileage car entered in a college competition or a trunk made for the back of a hot rod.
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