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Carbon ions

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    what is your knowledge about carbon ions? is there a machine that determines its creature?
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    What are you asking exactly?
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    By "carbon ion" do you mean carbide, C2-2? eg as in CaC2 or Na2C2. Metallic carbides are made by reacting carbon with the desired oxide or cyanamide at high temperatures.
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    I think carbon is a bit strange... You do get carbide ions but then you also positive ions such as CO2. I am unsure how hydrocarbons form though and if the carbon has a negative ion or a positive (the hydrogen must have the positive, or does it?)
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    CO2 is not an ion.
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    In hydrocarbons, covalent bonding occurs. There's no ions involved between the C-H bonds.

    The same thing occurs with many other nonmetals like nitrogen, oxygen.
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