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Carbon Nanotubes

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    [SOLVED] Carbon Nanotubes

    I'm doing some work with carbon nanotubes, their history, their uses, technology that incorporate them, and generally looking into the field.

    Can anyone tell me any reputable sources for information regarding current research in carbon nanotubes? Are there any regulars on this board who are well versed with CNT research?

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    I believe wikipedia had a nice overlook of nanotechnology when I looked over that a while ago, and nanotechnology is primarily focusing around CNT's at the moment.

    I think the general idea behind CNT's is that the extremely small scale being worked with will take advantage of quantum mechanical phenomina that will not be visible in macromolecular substances and therefore these effects can be used as a method of computation or something, since quantum mechanical effects, although wierd in all their non-determanisticness have mountains of mathematical literature that make their systems somewhat more predictable.
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    Wouldn't say "well versed" but do some carbon nanotubes associated work primarily related to MD modeling of their properties. More so to do with MD potentials of carbon as an alloying element and how it affects properties overall in its many forms & roles in more 'traditional' materials.

    There are a number of books about the topic, personally have used Harris' book as an introductory general reference during the last few years, although if you take a look at any web-store you'll see that there are a number of recent (06-07) volumes about their properties, applications and computational means used to study and develop them. There a number of review articles published during the last few years about carbon nanotubes, not perhaps quite as comprehensive as your typical "review" of a topic due to the freshness of the field, but reviews no matter (sciencedirect, google scholar are nice aids here).
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    Thanks very much! Checked out scholar.google.com and found some papers that are a great help, also checked out wikipedia which I didn't expect to have such an extensive entry for carbon nanotubes
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    Well I have heard that they have made a whole receiver with this technology. Cool stuff. If I may ask, what work are you doing in this area. Side note, I know UCSD is working in this area.
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