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Carbonated drinks

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    i know that carbonated drinks are not recommended for people doing physical activity. what was the scientific reason?

    i thought it had something to do with the carbon sticking to the blood cells and preventing the hydrogen/oxygen from getting to the blood cells and this dehydrates u. but im not sure if that was a good explanation or not
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    A lot of carbonated drinks get their "kick" by using phosphoric acid. Phosphoric anions can form salts with calcium that are not absorbed by the body. Higher incidences of bone fractures have been seen in people who consume higher amounts of carbonated beverages.

    A very simplistic way of looking at it would be like this: Cola intake-----> phosphoric anion soaks up calcium ions--------> you excrete the calcium phosphoric salt out of your urine-----> body senses low levels of calcium so it releases more calcium from the hydroxy apatite in your bones leading to lower bone density.

    Again, not all doctors and scientists agree on this yet.
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    yea thats why u shouldnt drink a "diet' carbonated drinks for having high phosphorous..
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    When I drink carbonated drinks before having my breakfast in the mornings I get a bad pain on my lower stomach and it usually lasts about 5 hours. Anyone know what thats all about? I had my appendix removed about 5 years ago so that might have something to do with it.
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    o ok so it is kind of like a buffer titration in your body?
    the H2PO4 mixes with Ca and becomes Ca2PO4? just wondering cus we just learned about buffers in my chem II class a week or 2 ago
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