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Cardboard boat model

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    i just wanna ask..is it possible to make a paper boat where in 3 people can sit there and withstand the effect of water, wind etc? because we have to do it and the only material would be paper (of course maybe glue tape etc)..thanks!
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    Cardboard boat races are pretty standard stuff in a lot of colleges. I would venture that making a paper boat would be doable just make sure you do your research on the adhesive used....and get small people.
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    the thing is it would be exposed to different obstacles and the last boat standing will win..we cannot choose the people who will ride the boat
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    Just for background, you might read Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki. There was also a kind of nutty "contest" in England where people have rowed paper boats along the canals in Kent (I think); you might Google that.
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