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Career Advice for an Electrical Engineering Undergrad (senior)

  1. Feb 24, 2012 #1
    Hi All,

    This is my first post to the forums here, but I have been lurking around for homework solutions for a while now!

    I have two possible great internships available to me this summer. I have a friend who works at Lockheed Martin who says he can get me in for one of their summer internships with 80-90% probability. I also have a very prospective chance at getting an internship with Medtronic during the summer (they are interested in having me in one of three positions).

    Lockheed Martin pays ~$20/hr full-time during the summer. Medtronic pays $23.99/hr full-time during the summer as well. Lockheed Martin is approximately a 25 minute drive one-way for me, where Medtronic is about 15 minutes one-way. Clearly, the winner is Medtronic as far as pay and time is concerned. I want to know if either company has specific strengths over the other, and if I should look more towards one company over the other. I know Lockheed is willing to pay for graduate school once you are working there (100% chance of a job offer after internship, assuming you don't kill someone), and I am unsure about Medtronic.

    Anyone have any advice as to which one I should take?

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