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Career Advice?

  1. Jun 21, 2009 #1
    First off, hello! This is my first post here.
    I'm clueless as to what I want to major in during college. I'm a junior in highschool, and all I know is that I love science (very broad topic obviously - kinda hard to choose a certain area) but I also love art. I've taken biology and chemistry. Next year I'm taking AP Chem. My sr. year I definitely want to take AP Bio but AP Enviro and Physics also seem interesting - I wish I could take them all but I don't want to take too many rigorous classes and then get mediocre grades in everything.

    I was on the college board site, looking at their descriptions of careers, more specifically, the parts describing what kind of people would do well in these areas. It said that physicists and astronomers are usually curious people who like to know the nature of nature. I am always asking a ton of questions - sorta like a little kid. But is that enough to be a physicist? The math involved kind of .. gives me doubts about it. I'm good at math (so far, anway.. Gotten straight A's up to Algebra 2, next year I have pre-cal) but it's not that exciting to me. One of my teachers said that when she was in physics it was pretty much entirely math. What I'm interested in is just talking about these mind boggling things like the formation of the universe. Recently I've been wondering why light reflects yet also goes through glass at the same time?
    Like, I think I have the type of mind to be a scientist because of my curiosity and how I'm always analyzing things but I have too many interests. I'm thinking of being some sort of research scientist so that I'm not doing the same things over and over (not a big fan of repitition) but discovering new things all the time. Then I could do my art on the side for fun.
    Or.. I could be a teacher. And just wonder about the mysteries of the universe on the side :)
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    Your initial interest is Physics; start with this as your goal, get counseling, and change your direction as you develop. About the Mathematics: It is difficult to learn, but it is powerful as a tool. Give the effort!
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    Well, it is understandable to be afraid of mathematics as you move onto more relatively advanced topics. Do not worry too much about the mathematics being boring or hard, judging from your grades that you mentioned, I think you should do well in pre-calculus and calculus based courses. And I would not say physics is entirely math. In my case for my physics component, I have done only 4 math courses out of about 16 courses, the rest are all physics and a bit of chemistry. So the math is there to help you work out physics problems, but it does not mean that a physics degree is math based. Certainly not!

    Sure, if you are interested in physics, go for it. Your interest will be of great help in motivating you in getting through a challenging but very interesting physics degree. Who knows, if you work hard, get good grades and have a sufficient interest, you could be a research scientist!
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    Well,I think physics is more better for you.Don't worry,if you work hard,you will get success.If you interested,so you can do this.It is not bored and hard like mathematics.You should concentrate on your studies.Best of Luck................:rofl:
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