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Career advice

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    Hey guys,

    I have a good job offer from a well known analog company in Santa Clara as well as an offer for PhD from Purdue University. Any suggestions about which one should I choose. I know it depends on finances and interest and other factors, but I guess my main q is if it is possible to at least do a part time masters and work full time.

    Is this possible assuming I take evening or online classes. Will I have no time and go bezerk. Will studies suffer tremendously? Anyone taken this path before?

    Please to respond. Thank you.
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    Plenty of engineers earn degrees part time while working. The benefit of this is that you don't miss out on any work experience and employers typically pay 100% of the costs. Some employers will even offer a bonus. I suggest looking for part time programs in your area and seeing what your options might be. You may be able to get with other part time students for study groups and projects etc. Whether or not your grades will suffer really depends on your style of learning and study habits.

    I'm assuming that you're asking about engineering. The advice will vary for other fields.
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    Yes the advice is for engineering. Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any good schools in San Jose area. I know of Stanford and Berkley but I highly doubt if I'll get in those and I would like to get into some reputed school as Purdue (the one from where I have an offer for PhD) is also quite reputed.
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