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Career advice

  1. Oct 17, 2015 #1
    Hey, how are you? I would like to know your advice on something which I cannot decide no matter how hard I think about it. Im 19 years old and Im in my first university year in Physics. I live in Argentina, where there is no division between college and school. You choose a career and you get the m.s after 6 years in the same place you started.

    I still cant decide even if Im on my first year as they are almost the same classes between the two the first years. I want to choose something that might have an impact on the world. Help the world become better and more advanced.

    I like Physics because I am the kind of person which questions everything, not only about Physics but about everything about life. Also, I would like to, in the future, being useful to humanities technological and scientifical development. And physics seems like a good choice as it basically covers every aspect of the Universe. But, I am also really concerned on the practical aspect of it. I want to help our world become a better place. Help Develop to become a better civilization. Physics might not be the best choice as it is soo abstract I don't think its applications, modern physics, would help much. I was planning on doing a double major between physics and computer science. And then maybe do applied physics or mechanical engineering. (Really choosing a life path so early is hard!)

    Engineering was always my second choice, but right now I am leaning towards it. As I find It will give me better tools and more freedom to accomplish my goals. Also it would be less theorethical with more applications. I was thinking Mechanical Engineering maybe. Lets say, for example, I want to work in Nasa. What would an engineering degree allow me to do? And what would a Physics degree differentiate in?

    Thanks guys!
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    My advice is , get out of the education system... there are millions of graduates with physics/engineering degrees, who all thought they would work for NASA, and end up flipping hamburgers in mac donalds , unable to pay off their debt for this education.

    Educate yourself, look around , see what is needed in the world, you may invent something , or find how you can contribute in some way.
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    How firmly locked into a system or a program is a college-or-university student there? Any option to change one's major field? Could you choose an Engineering track and take a few electives along the way?
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    There is quite a few differences between the science and engineering departments. I think that like in the states colleges where they may or may not consider some courses in one or the other. I was thinking studying mechanical engineering and studying physics on my own. How viable is it? Or maybe do one first and then the other. The good thing about Argentina is that education is completely free.
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    I like it you sound similar to rick sanchez from rick and morty
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