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Career as an astronaut

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    I am a 16-year-old from India. I have a keen interest in Space and Astronomy and my ambition is to become a space scientist. I am a good student, scoring high in physics and maths, as well as an avid reader of space related journals and articles. However, I have never had a hands-on/practical exposure to the field. Hence I am not sure if I have the right aptitude to become one space scientist. Is there any way I can find it out?
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    Question: do you mean "astronaut," or did you mean to say "astronomer?" Astronauts aren't the same thing as scientists (though many astronauts are also scientists). If you're looking to be an astronaut, then I doubt there are many here who know anything about this. But if you're interested in becoming a scientist to study astronomy, then you've come to the right place.

    I myself work in astrophysics, and could probably answer your basic questions. Your interest in physics and math is great, because astronomers need to be good at these two subjects. I think you'd be better at astronomy than you think. Anyway, feel free to ask whatever questions you like.
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    Few people have hands on exposure before they get to University. If you are doing well at physics and maths then you are on the right track. You should be able to apply for any "Space Science" courses with that background, but you need to decide what aspect you want to aim for -- this can range from space walking astronaut to theoretical cosmologist, which require vastly different skills and abilities. The former might be good for you if you are brave and good at (say) repairing and riding motorcycles, the latter if you are always top in the maths class.
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