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Career at stake

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    Hello everybody, with the hope of better advice I want to discuss a problem of mine.I am a student of b.tech( mechanical engineering) .Now its time for compition of my third year(pre-final year).The problem arise when I was giving my fourth semester examination.in the examination what did happend-i was writing my exam, in the mean time the examiner ordered me to sit near roll no. 1 so following his order I did sit at the other corner of seat no.1 near roll no1.there at seat no1 there placed an A4 size paper which an student of my class had bring to revise.When the exam was started he left that paper and sit at another seat leaving his notes there.Then it was my misfortunate that i couldn't see that paer near my table.And the invigilator questioned me for that.And ultimately I was charged under UFM(Unfair means).Now after about one year the university gives me the decision.As per the the university i am debarded for two years.Now my hard labour is getting waste and my career is about to end.I am punished for the wrong I didn't did.At the scene I made all my possilbe efforts to show me clean.I urged the invigilator to match the paper with what I write and to hear from me whatever I write but he said whatever you want to say , say it to university.I am now absolutely helpless.My whole family is in deep grief.Also my father has been retired from his job and our financial position is also not good.I am always suggested a good student but university rules don't see the record of a candidate,the have their own rules.I have now very helpless nothing comes to mind what to do.Should I take admination in different university in first year or do i need to wait till my debarded period is over.Or should i sue the university in the court of law for true judgement.Or is everything is a waste i better kill myself! Any advice will be highly appreciated.THANKS A TON
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    Dude very unfortunate indeed..barred for two years that is pretty harsh ! and more so considering it ain't your fault! I cant give you any advice but all I can say is do not lose hope everything happens for a reason and may be you are destined to do something even productive during this period...and also I don't think the university would reject your plea without any consideration if you decide to fight for it!
    God help your University whatever it is!

    All the best to you !
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    Well, definitely don't kill yourself...
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    Thanks avnish.You can understand how bad is the situation I am in.Well as u said I do not have to lose hope, my parents are also highly worried,but still they are saying that I shouldn't take tension.Today I give an application to the VC, he is saying to re-look into the the matter.
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    Yes thank you all, I will fight for my right.I wish that whatever has happend with me may not happend with anybody else.
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    I assume you have tried appealing it? Most schools should have a way of appealing such things where you can present your case against what happened.
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    Dear Pengwuino here after i have been accused during exam then on the same day the dean of my fuculty send my copy with that paper and and a UFM form to the administration of the university, from wher the matter goes to the confidensial department the department made a committee for the matter.And the copy with the so called chit is send to an expert of the subject to verify if the matter of chit belongs to the syllabus or not.Based on the report of the expert, the committee give its decision.In my case as
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    the matter is related to the subject so i was given hard punishment.Well they could see that I didn't write anything from that,further it was not a chit but is of A4 size and was without any fold.Also I have achieved verry high marks in all the subjects, my teachers are also suppose me very sincere.Now it is to be seenl that may the VC provide true justice.thanks for your care.
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    I didn't get on with my tutor and he "forgot" to tell me about an oral exam. I missed it and was marked down a grade. A friend of mine missed an exam through a simple oversight, his excuses were not accepted and he dropped a couple of grades, missing out on research opportunities. I applied for job, got it, and and then realised soon after starting that I had been misled it was very much not for me. Everyone has their own s**t that happens. You are doing right to try and get the decision over-turned, but it may end up that you have to skip two years. Spend some of that spare-time, given your over-reaction (kill yourself?), reading some stoic philosophy. Try Hadot "What is Ancient Philosophy?". Also read accounts by holocaust survivors - they had *real* problems, which will make your problem seem like what it *really* is - hardly a problem at all.
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    I feel sorry for you.

    But such things happen, my first year during the bachelor was depressing.
    For example, I was fooled by the university doctor to sit for an exam, i visited her the day before the exam and I had a very bad flu, somehow she convinced me to go and told me I can leave the exam any time and it should be fine with the uni !! She just didn't want to write me a medical leave for the next day. Otherwise I can visit her during the morning at 9AM (my freaking exam starts at 9AM)

    I bought that, and hahaha,, went to the exam like a dead person, and sat there like an idiot, left in the middle,, and got it all screwed. That doctor was not even in her clinic the next day, it wasn't her shift, and the shift doctor was surprised with what she did.

    **** happens all the time, once a friend of mine had a 4.0 GPA, the next semester with his specialization courses he ruined it (GPA ~ 2.2, I think he failed one of the courses) because of a lousy relationship and it is close to extremely difficult to make up.

    My advise would be, Don't & never ever give up, go there and face them, as long as you have committed no fault, they have no right to expel you.

    Did trying perhaps discussing the issue with the students union ?
    Also, try to obtain support letters from your professors/lecturers. Contacting your department dean right after is good.

    All the best.
  12. Jul 5, 2010 #11
    Yes your idea of support letters from professors/lecturers may prove helpfull.I had also discuss this matter to student union leader, but he said that if the matter were within the institute then he could handle as such the case was then have been to the administration and therefore it is hard to win. Well as the VC(on saying of a union leader) is going to re-open the copy. And today evening I will go to the head of my dept. for supportive letter.Thanks for your suggestion.
  13. Jul 6, 2010 #12
    Maybe your university has an ombudsman? They can help you out with this sort of thing.
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