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Career Brainstorm Session

  1. Sep 26, 2013 #1
    I am currently a sophmore in college as a mathematics major. I see that a lot of the career advice on this page that encourages me to obtain job skills, something applicable to the real world job market. Does anyone have any examples of specific careers in applied mathematics/physics/computer science they would like to share? I want to start narrowing my ideas to something more specific:smile:
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    I used to intern for a medium sized lending company before i graduated college and they hired statisticians for ~60k range. It was pretty crazy because they had an entire wall as their white board. When they weren't using the giant whiteboard they were programming in SQL and R. So i'll start off by saying:

    Statistician / Statistical Programmer
  4. Sep 28, 2013 #3
    I work as an actuary and enjoy the job. Most actuaries are math majors, though it is not a requirement.
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