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Career change - advice needed

  1. Jun 27, 2014 #1

    I am new to this forum. At the moment, I am facing a though decision on a slight career change, hopefully you will be able to help me with it.

    Here are some facts about me:

    - 26 years old
    - Master of Science in Architectural Engineering (Technical University)
    - Experienced pilot / flight instructor (both sailplanes & 1 engine piston air crafts)

    I was always keen on engineering - like mechanics or robotics as well as on the design which is a big part of architecture. Due to my aeronautical background, which is quite unusual for architects, I have made a decision to direct my career path into fields where I would be able to combine both skills. I am mostly interested in the design of manned space vehicles where additional ergonomic, functional or psychological knowledge taken from architecture would be advantageous.

    Obviously, I am willing to start another studies to improve my education. I know that I need to choose the next program very carefully and wisely as there is no time to make a mistake.. I live in Central Europe but I am trying to get a scholarship allowing me to study in US (preferably no more than 2 years). Since there is no guarantee that I will ever obtain this grant, I need to search for eventual possibilities in my current location as well. Here is what I am considering for now:

    - Space Architecture Master program at University of Houston (I have heard various opinions about it, to be honest I am a little afraid that it is a bit light on engineering and too visionary)

    - Aerospace Engineering Master program, USA (a few Universities in States already said that it would be possible for me to apply for their Master program without a Bachelor in related field of study. This would work if I would focus on structural area of AE and eventually take some undergraduate courses)

    - Aerospace / Aeronautical / Mechanical Engineering Bachelor program, Europe (for some reason, probably because of the differences, here nobody wants to acknowledge my engineering background and the only way for me is to start from the very beginning)

    Please let me know what do you think about my idea. I am really interested whether there is any chance to get an attractive job with my future educational mixture in this narrow industry. Maybe you are aware of more programs that would be suitable in my situation?

    Thank you very much!
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    Welcome to PF, Bradley!

    I did not go through an aerospace engineering program, so I will limit my advice to one concern that I see as an outsider, which is that master's level engineering programs may assume skills and background that your architecture background lacks. As examples, aeronautical/aerospace engineering may assume proficiency in topics such as differential equations, linear algebra, control theory, systems (signals, state vectors, etc.) and aerodynamics, which in turn employs complex variables. I would take a careful look at your background and see if you need to master any undergrad engineering skills before entering.

    Good luck!
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