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Career Decision - HELP :-S

  1. Nov 18, 2004 #1
    Okay, so after I finish upgrading my high school courses, I for sure want to go into the Sciences for the first year. But the problem is that I have no idea what I want to do after that. My Dad says I can choose anything I want, but my Mom is like totally forcing me to be either a doctor or a pharmacist. Argh....
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    Do a Bachelor's in your favorite science, then apply for med, pharm, and graduate.

    Either your acceptance letters will decide where you go, either you will be accepted everywhere and so you will have retarded your decision 3-4 years. How about that?
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    Well, I live in Canada in the province of Alberta in a city called Edmonton. Close to where I live is a university called University of Alberta, and it's one of the best universities. The Admission grades are really high. Usually 70 or 78% is what you need to have, but only 0.2% of the people with those marks get in. But if you have 80 or over, you are sure to get in. And I say this is hard for most of the people because at my school, a lot of people are usually in the 60 or 70 range, and that's only good enough to go to college here in our country. Our colleges have pretty easy admission grades to get in. My Dad came in with the good news that I got accepted into all 4 universities I applied to: U of A, Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard. Now the problem is, I don't know which one I want to go to....cause I could choose all those ones in the states, but I'm not ready to move out or to live on my own cause I feel kind of scared....

    N.B. I have all the money I need though....which is another good thing....cause I got many scholarships and I've been working for 6 years at a furniture store where I get paid $13 an hour....
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    All I'm gonna say is don't do what your parents what you to do, do what you want to do. There's no point if you're gonna do what'll make them happy, if you won't enjoy it.
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    It's irrelevant which university to choose,judging the level of education you receive.All of them are top class.Don't do what your parents would like u to do.Do what
    u wanna do,and above all,enjoy reading and learning the subject u have chosen.
    Else,you'll feel unhappy with yourself.
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    As the others have said already, don't choose a major based on what your parents tell you to do. YOU are the one who has to do it and live with the career options it gives you when you graduate, not them. Moms always push their kids into medicine for some reason. I've counseled more than a few students about finding a new major when they realized they just weren't going to cut it in the classes required for medicine because they just didn't like them. If you find a field of sciences that you love, and do well in it, and decide you do want to go to med school, you'll probably just have to add one or two more classes outside your major to fulfill the requirements for admission. Med schools really don't care what your undergraduate major is as long as you do well in all the classes they require for admission and get good letters of recommendation. They actually like to get students who aren't just bio majors, because it adds some diversity of thinking to the student body.
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    Wow! Excellent job getting into all those great schools! (ps. im from Canada too) Last year I applied to Queens, UfT, and McMaster for their Life Sciences and Health Science program respectively. When I got into all my choices with similar scholarships, I struggled with the decision until literally the last day before I had to send in my acceptance. They are all good schools and i thought if I made the wrong decision, I would change my life forever and I would regret not going to one or the other. So I just picked one (Queens) and filled out the form..and throughout the whole summer I was scared and didn't know how my life and my education was going to be affected by this.
    Take it from someone who was stressed out by this decision from about February of last year until about August of this year - becuase all the schools you have got into are awesome, it wont matter where you go!
    I love Queens, ( when i first applied i never thought i would come here) And im sure that whatever you do end up choosing, you will love it as well.
    I never thought i would come to Queens because it is about 3 hours from where i live..whereas Mac and Toronto are each less than an hour away. I thought I would miss home..i did for about the first week (after frosh week) because i got sick and wanted my mom ..lol..but after that i was fine. I love it here, it has become my second home :)

    So if you are planning on choosing the University of Alberta just for the location - don't. Personally, i think you should choose a school in America (Stanford is gorgeous!!) because it will help you grow and develop as an individual. Being far from your parents, teaches you about responsibility, self discipline and that you can function by yourself. Plus its fun :)

    Whatever decision you make, it really will be a good one..you can't go wrong with the schools you've been accepted to ;)
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    I agree with nix; There is no need to be scared. Especially at the schools you've listed, because of their international stature, there are many students who come from out of town. The universities and surrounding neighborhoods are well-equipped to handle the needs of students in your situation. And technology allows you to maintain excellent communication with your parents and friends from back home.
    I also agree with everyone else who recommended that you not allow yourself to be forced into a decision. Give your own thoughts and interests their due worth.
    Best wishes for your success,

    Oh, BTW, if you're really interested in science, Harvard is right down the street from MIT, so you can find a ton of other science-loving people in the neighborhood. Also, Longwood medical area, in Boston, is home to some of the best medical institutions in the world.
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    Thanks all of you! I was just showing my Mom the other day about this thread that I've posted, and she finally gave in. Cause she said that if she forces me to do something I don't like doing, then I won't be successful because I'm not even interested in the field.

    BTW, the only one problem is that I still don't know which university I want to go into because....

    1. I live in Canada, and my Mom says if I choose to go somewhere in the states, I'll have to live on my own....but I have the money....since I work ($30/h) and I received over $40,000 in scholarships....

    2. That if I stay where I'm living now, then I can still live in my own house....

    3. I know that the U of A is also a really good university too....

    *Sigh* :-S
  11. Nov 29, 2004 #10


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    Sounds like you'll have to fall in love with one of them.
    It could help to think of some extra special things that might make you want to go to a college (like being near the beach, great nightlife or fraternities/sororities), then see if any of them have it. If not, repeat.
    Good luck and congratulations!
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    LOL thanks!
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    You can delay chosing a major for a year or more by getting those undergrad filler courses out of the way first. That will buy some time and give you a chance to discover what really interests you as well as the inside scoop on the 'good' majors and professors from other students. Going to school close to home has its plusses. There is a certain amount of culture shock and having familiar surrounds nearby takes the edge off it. But, that should not be the deciding factor.
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