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    I want to do something in thefield on onnovation. I want to be the first to develop something. There's all sorts of degrees in technology,engineering and the sciences but none(that I know of) in Development.

    There's lots of courses and and laboratories in research but what about development> How do you go about becoming a person that develops some new technology? And multimatley important who do you work for? i'm thinking of becoming a physicist but there a certain obstacle.....pay.From what I understand they don't get paid much. Is there a certain kind of physicist that gets paid nicely? And is there anywhere in the development field that a physicist can work?

    I'm doing this cause the 21st century arises. We are at the beginning of some phenomenal exsistence. Who knows what will come about in the next 10-20 years. We need to start training people to create newnessand release their mind.
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    Theres no such thing as a "development" degree.
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    Get a degree in electrical engineering.... However, you won't work as someone who just sits around thinking of new things. They may come to you though while you work....
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    If you want to invent/ discover and new device/theory. Science or Engineerig majors will be for you. Engineers and scientists ARE the developers of new theories/ technology
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    DO I have to specialize in a certain field or can I develop anything?
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    As a practical matter, of course, you will need to specialize. You cannot become an expert in everything, as there is simply far, far, too much for any one person to learn or to do.

    Do you have a degree in science or engineering? Do you plan on getting one? You'll probably need it.
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    A studied a little bit of Electronics Engineering Technology. I was to get into Hi Energy Physics.
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