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Career guidance ! HELP (from nuclear engineering)

  1. Jul 11, 2010 #1
    career guidance ! HELP!! (from nuclear engineering)

    Greetings every1....I am currently studying a 4 yr chemical and nuclear engineering (MEng) course in imperial college london and I need career guidance. I tried getting an internship in the nuclear industry here in the UK but sadly from what I've heard from my college internships in the UK only apply to locals ( and i'm not) , which kind of screwed me over. Right now I am confused and not sure where (grad school?,nuclear plants in asia?) I should apply to in order to gain more technical knowledge . The field i'm probably looking for is radiation detection , waste mngt or maybe reactor design but def NOT thermal hydraulics or computational things . So if any1 has any ideas where I should start after uni please write back , or else I'll up in boring life in banking T T .
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