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Career guidance needed

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    hi, i dont know what career to pursue.
    i was thinking along the lines of physics and science.
    i'm new to the forum and am interested in shaft lengths, and replied to the shaft post, but nobody replied.
    i'm thinking of being a science technician as i like the school atmosphere and being around children but i dont get on well with people because i prefer studying in my room and i usually only come out to eat or to go to physics lessons, in which i sit my myself not talking to anybody because i'm shy of contact.
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    could someone please give me a few pointers? I've tried careers advisors but they just leave me feeling even more confused!

    i would like to do a combined science degree with more emphasis on physics. so far the only career that has struck me as something id love to do is a school science technician. iv spoken to science technicians at my school but only one of them has a degree.

    should i bother getting a degree and keeping my options within science open for the future? or should i set my heart on being a technician and leave school when i'm 18 and get a lot of work experience and try to build up a reputation?

    i'm currently finishing my first year of doing Physics Chemistry and Biology A levels but i'm not going to get top grades.

    Any help would be appreciated so much!
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    Career guidance

    Hello RigidBody

    welcome to physics-forums, what a splendid place this is. i've only just got an account too.

    you career issues are of particular interest to me, as my husband is a science technician. i do hospital microbiology so i cant be of much help directly.

    he can find it gets a *bit* boring sometimes, and the student contact is minimal. why not improve your social skills and be a teacher? it means more of what you enjoy, and more money.

    xxxx Gareth
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    and, you have to question why you're so afraid of people. maybe its that you've had a bad experience, or you're simply have an introvert personality. try and be a bit more sociable - itl do you good.

    xxxx Gareth
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