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Career guidence

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    hi, i really interested to become a scientist (either in physics or electronics) at present i completed my second year of b.tech degree(in ECE), please guide me to become a very good scientist...... thanks in advance
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    First of all, what do you mean by "being a scientist"?

    What do you want to spend most of your life doing?
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    Firstly, find a good scientific advisor whom you will work. Select the modern problem of science. Collect recently published articles related to your research work. Analyze them discuss and ask questions to your supervisor or anyone who has knowledge in your research field. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you have anyone. Improve your research and writing skills.
    In order to be a very good scientist you have to spend the most time doing research. In this case, you will probably forget about something in life.))
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    thanks for your idea, from today onwards i will work on your words....
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    a scientist is the one who spends most of his/her life time in research. usually a scientist should be more patient. he should keep on moving through whatever obstacles on his path of research.. thats all i know....
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    Not always. I was a senior scientist for Battelle PNL. I spent a little time doing research, but the my time was running around the country doing onsite NUREG 0654 EP appraisals and drills after TMI, and when I wasn't running around the country, I was sitting in my office going through site documents looking for issues. I did other things, of course, but they were minor in comparison. I wasn't hired to do what I was doing, but they had a need and I had a skill. I'm sure it's not always that way, but you are hired to work as directed. I had fun, made money, met lots of great folks, and, oh yea, supplied a useful work product :smile:
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