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Career in astrophysics

  1. Jul 27, 2015 #1
    i am in 10th std. and i am very very interested in space.i want to choose astrophysics or cosmology as a career.but will it be perfect career for me in future?how much salary would i get, as an average?
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    Look up the salary for faculty at the schools where you would likely end up teaching.

    There are not many industry jobs in astrophysics.
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    i don't want any industry jobs.what should i do preparation to joining NASA or ISRO for research?
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    This is the "Introductions Only" forum, no questions. Since someone accidentally replied to your post, I will move it to the proper forum which is Career Guidance.

    Also, NASA doesn't hire non-US citizens, you might get hired by a contractor.
  6. May 18, 2016 #5
    There are some jobs called post-doctorate jobs which are at universities teaching other students and if you do chose to do that you are also free to do some reserach of your own and if you do well enough they will give you a a tentative job which means that you can never be fired.
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    I think you mean tenure, not tentative.

    And this thread is nearly a year old.
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    In the USA at least, postdocs are (short term) research positions. Generally you work for a specific research group within the university, and you get paid out of the group's grant money.
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    A postdoc is not a real job, more like indentured servitude. Generally, only the insanely ambitious, or merely insane, seek such a position.
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