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Job Skills Career in Astrophysics

  1. May 16, 2017 #1
    Hi there, I'm from Brazil and I'd like to ask you guys: is it too dificult get a job as astrophysics researcher/teacher? I'm moving out of my country to study astrophysics in europe, so i'm gonna do it no matter the answers since I love this field of study. But I just wanted to know how big of a climb I have in front of me. Thanks to everyone who answer to this ( I had to ask since all the topics on the matter were old ).
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    It's kind of like being an actor, musician, or sporting professional... a lot of very talented people will be competing with you for a limited number of jobs. It isn't hard to get an interesting postdoc or two, make making a secure, long term living at it is hard. People do it, but it's hard. Most people end up doing something else eventually.
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