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Career in mathematics or physics

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    Hi, I need to do a survey for my Pathways class with someone that has a career in mathematics or physics. If you can help me please reply, or email me at ff8squall86@yahoo.com
    Thank You!
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    Yeah, that's me.
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    What do you want to know?
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    Ok, first thank you for helping me, here are the questions:
    1. What is your job?
    2. What is the job requirements?
    - School/Education
    - Degrees/Certification/Licensing
    - Any other Legal Requirements?
    3. What is Personal Attributes needed to successfully do the job?
    - Skills/Abilities
    - Attitudes/Personal Traits
    4. What is the general salary for your job (what is the average pay for jobs like yours?)
    5. What are the benefits?
    - Bonuses (Merits or longevity; frequency?)
    - Health Benefits (medical, dental, vision)
    - Retirements Benefits (Pension; 401 k plan; others)
    - Leave (Sick days, personal days, vacation, holidays)
    - Child Care (Provided in-house; pre-tax deduction plan)
    - Parking or travel allowance (reimbursement)
    -Other benefits?
    6. Job Description, what are your duties?
    7. How long do you work per day? (Beginning and ending time)
    8. What is the tardy policy?
    9. How long is your break time?
    10. Is overtime paid or unpaid?
    11. Is there any work required at home?
    12. Opportunities for Advancements (Promotion or Career Path)
    13. Are unions represented in the work place?
    14. This question is kind of personal, do you belong, why or why not? (Don’t answer it if its too personal)
    15. What is your Job Satisfaction (on a scale of 1-10)
    16. Good things about the job?
    17. Drawbacks?

    Sorry if some of the questions are too personal, don’t answer it if those questions are too personal.
    And also, can I get your name, email address, and the name of your company? My Teacher requires those information

    Thanks again for your help. :smile:
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    1. My job is as a part time math teacher. It's not full time, but it is the start of my chosen career.
    2. My job specifically requires Calculus of about 1+2. My job as it stands doesn't teach beyond that, and in fact, doesn't even teach that. You of course have to be eligible to work, and have to be able to teach the material.
    3. Skills you need are definitely the ability to explain the material. A lot of people don't get it right away. In fact, a lot don't get it for a long time. The ability to trace back a certain theorum or equation to a more basic form usually is needed. Patience, calmness, and good work ethic are all needed.
    4. I don't like to get specific, but in my opinion, the monetary payment alone is less than what the amount of work should earn.
    5. Well, I get parking, but that's about it. The biggest benefit is personal satisfaction. Not being full-time, I don't get medical benefits, etc.
    6. My job is to teach students math. Specifically, advanced algebra and a little pre-calculus.
    7. On average, I work about 4 hours a day at varying times.
    8. For me, I'm really easy-going with almost all policies. The only time I give punishment is when I see a difference in grades because of a certain action.
    9. I don't get break time. However, if I think the class is doing well, I will sometimes get something from the lunch room on my own.
    10. Both. If it is staying after hours to help a few students, it's unpaid. Things like conferences, and other staff-directed things of this nature are paid.
    11. No, but many other math teachers do have work to do at home.
    12. Yes. At my own request, I can try to teach a new or higher class. The switch is between school years.
    13. Yes.
    14. No, not really. I am much younger than the average teacher, so they see me as an outsider, and the students see me as a peer with a strange job.
    15. 8
    16. It fuels my own natural inquisition about mathematics. There's no really nice way to say this without sounding arrogant, so I apologize ahead of time: but it is nice to work with people, for the better part of your day, in a position where you know more than them. I love being able to teach people new things.
    17. The same thing must be taught over and over to new students.

    Name: Adam Schirmacher
    E-mail Address: adam@percent20.com (please do not e-mail me, it is not functional until late february)
    Name of company: Owatonna High School
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