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Physics Career in medical physics

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    Hey everybody Ive been going back and forth in what is my best option to have a career in R&D in diagnostic equipment. I was the one that posted the thread biomedical engineering vs. medical physics. Well after doing some research and speaking briefly with the Director of the medical physics dept at the university I plan on attending, I decided to pursue medical physics as my career. Now Im trying to decided on what would be the best major/minor undergraduate degree to help me prepare for my M.S./Phd. in medical physics. Looking under the admissions it stated courses in biological and physical sciences, physics and mathematics. Im assuming I can only choose two but dont know which ones would best prepare me for medical physics. Sooooo...what would be the best major/minor and why? Also, Im curious if anybody is currently studying medical physics or working in that area and if they are enjoying it. Thanks for the help.
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    For entry into most medical physcs graduate programs that I'm aware of an undergraduate degree in physics or a "closely related discipline" is required. I would interpret "closely related discipline" to mean engineering physics or a combination degree program such as physics and mathematics, or physics and biology. Electrical engineering would be another possible option.

    Ideally I would suggest that you work some general courses in biology, chemistry, programming, and if you get a chance a signal processing course (along with the prerequisite mathematics) would be great.

    Also keep in mind that medical physics can be competative to get into - so making the minimum requirements won't always guarantee you admission.
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