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Career in nuclear engineering

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    What is the scope of Nuclear engineering in India after 2 years?
    How will be the career of a person after 2 years who pursue masters in nuclear engineering now?
    What are the job opportunities available for a nuclear engineer after 2 years?
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    Your question is more than a bit open ended which makes it very difficult to answer. From what I have heard, India's has some pretty advanced nuclear programs such as their interest in the development of thorium fueled reactors (they have a lot of thorium). A masters degree in nuclear engineering does not land you in a specific job. What jobs you are suited towards when you graduate would be dependent on the type of courses you studied in both your undergraduate and masters degrees as well as the topic of your research.

    Personally, I think that the topic of your research matters most since that is the area that you will be most familiar with and should require the least amount of work to turn into useful results. For example if you study a lot of reactor physics than you might be suitable for reactor design, however if you study the evolution of irradiated materials you may be more suited to design the pressure/structural components of the reactor. If you have a lot of computer science experience you might consider computer modeling ect.
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