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Career in optics

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    Hi everyone. This is my first post, so be gentle! :tongue2:

    I am currently studying part time for a degree in physics with the Open University in the UK. (http://www3.open.ac.uk/courses/bin/p12.dll?Q01B27" [Broken])

    Now, with it being part time, it will take me 6 years to complete, so I will be 30 when I'm done. :surprised (I am currently 2 years into it).

    I am really interested in a future career related to optics. This stems from a love of telescopes, but anything optically related would do. (Working at ESA, designing optics to be used in space would be ideal, but I don't hold out much hope of that!) :biggrin:

    So, basically, my question is: is there anything specific I should be studying in my undergrad course, or is it best just to get a 'general' physics degree, and concentrate on optics at MSc level?

    Also, do you think the fact that I will be 30 before even getting a degree will make employment difficult?



    P.S. This won't mean much to anyone, but just in case you're interested, the courses I am taking for my degree are:

    Exploring mathematics
    The physical world
    Mathematical methods and models
    Waves, Diffusion and Variational Principles
    Mathematical Methods and Fluid Mechanics
    The quantum world
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