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Job Skills Career in science after PhD

  1. Jan 21, 2017 #1
    Within one year I will be graduating in electrical engineering (mainly optics) and have no idea of what to do afterwards. I always thought of doing an academic career but during my phd I will probably publish two or three papers overall. Seeing the struggle postdocs go through to find an academic career even when they have very good publication record has made me seriously doubt about it. I wondered them if you could suggest any career paths that could suit the things I like (online carrer tests weren't very helpful).
    I would like a job where: the work is not too repetitive, I can work with people and brainstorm with them ideas about science, I can mentor and share my knowledge, helping other with my expertise, learn always more about science, read about science and perform or supervise experiments. Instead I find myself not good at: overselling my ideas, marketing myself, being pushy. which jobs get closer to these descriptions in your opinion? Thank you.
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    Hello Abripin, :welcome: welcome back, that is.
    Congratulations !
    Congratulations again ! In your field you won't have 150 authors to share with, so this is a considerable achievement when weighted properly.
    All of them ? Or are you just a bit gloomy as a kind of prenatal depression :rolleyes: ?
    The ideal son-in-law, team worker, colleague scientist, etc. This fits 98% of everyone. So yes, there is some competition in finding the ideal job. Ignore them: you are one of a kind, a specialist who understandably hasn't looked around too much while focusing on his PhD work.

    I can't tell you what to do with your life. The only one who can is you, but you could look around for assistance: your promotor (the one who guides you now - what's the english word: thesis advisor?) -- he/she should have a network you're entitled to engage. And beyond that: your predecessors who did find a job, your target audience for your publications, the ones in your list of references, and so on.

    Good hunting !
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