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Career in science

  1. Feb 25, 2009 #1
    I am a 1st year undergraduate student in MUN doing pretty well in physics and chemistry. However, I don't find myself have very strong interested in either one of these subjects. I can do well because I am willing to spent time and efforts to understand the concepts in phyisics and chemistry. I found out the fun part of studying physics and chemistry is not the concepts itself but the process of thinking, such as finding out what the concepts means,and how does that concept derived from. Therefore, I have no special preference in which kind of physics or chemistry. Although I find some concepts are easier to be understood than the other, but that shouldn't be part of the consideration on which type of chemist and physicist I want to be, right? What kind of science degree is available for people like me who are interested in both chemistry and physics and what kind of jobs are available for them?
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    I suppose physical chemistry is too obvious. I went to a talk from a physical chemist not too long ago about quantum dots and nano-scale circuits: lots of interesting stuff there, and likely to be a lot of job opportunities in the furture, I would think.
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