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Career in Signal Processing

  1. Oct 16, 2011 #1
    I'm doing ICT (telecommunications) engineering and have enjoyed subjects which involved signal theory (using matlab, fourier transform, modulation, filters etc).

    Just wondering if there is a job where I can use the theory/maths that I learned in these subjects?
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    all kinds. Analyzing physiological data and acoustic detection are two research tasks that I use them in. Especially in acoustic detection, everybody in the research group knows many of the fundamentals of signal processing, some of them without even taking that particular class.

    The biologists are a little less savvy in DSP, but they sure appreciate having me around to write them signal processing software. If you learn how to make simple GUI's with a program like MATLAB (just type 'guide' at the matalb prompt) you can make a lot of non-mathematical scientists lives easier if they have signal processing tasks.
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    What kind of work do you do? Do you work for a university or the private sector?
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    There definitely are good careers in DSP in industry, however, you can't just be a theorist using Matlab. Learn a practical skill like implementing signal processing algorithms in DSP processors and/or FPGAs and you should be quite employable.
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    Signal processing is a leading career with radios and other reconfigurable systems for communications and intelligence applications. Signal processing has importance in satellite earth stations, air to ground communications, surveillance receivers, public safety, and radar/sonar applications. The site https://engineering.purdue.edu/ProEd/credit/digital_signal_processing" [Broken] has information about various courses available for aspiring students.
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    this is something id like to work in as well. do all signal processing jobs require degrees in engineering? i only have a diploma but we'd covered dsp and id like to expand upon that in the work place.
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