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Physics Career in teaching physics/comp sci.

  1. Dec 22, 2004 #1

    i am a senior in high school getting ready for college. on that note i've already selected what i want to study: computer science and physics. after much thinking and inspiration from my current math/physics teacher i think i want to become a teacher myself.

    i was wondering how teachers here feel about their career choice. is the low pay really that that bad? (i'm the opposite of a materialist so imo it won't be a problem)

    also, one thing is that i am very much a people person and i've heard that college studying physics and computer science is not the most social of majors. does anyone have different views on this?

    thanks alot!

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    I am not yet a teacher, but I am majoring in math education (only a sophmore right now though). I have done some research on teacher pay, and the pay really is not that bad. Most teachers make about 30k/yr starting out (except for CA and a few other states). And this is for working 9 months a year, not to mention all of the holidays and breaks :smile: Also, if you teach at a "failing" or "low-income" school for five years, you can have certain college loans (perkins, and some others) paid off for free along with receiving the usual salary. If you really want to be a teacher, go for it. :cool:
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    What sucks about the pay is you're getting paid as much as the jock gym teacher who breezed through college with physical education classes. Doesn't do much for the ego. Also you hit a ceiling unless you go into administration.

    How much do plumbers, electricians and HVAC people make ?
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