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Career mix up

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    Hi, im kind of new to this forum and im a sophmere in high school. So far my school has been interesting and ive recently been exposed to amateur astronomy. I've been at it for a year and half. In fact ive took it very seriously now. I kind of wanted it to be my career and I do have other alternatives while heading into college. But i looked at job prospects and i am tired of our economy and the way the job market is. What i wanted to do is get a 4 yr degree at some university and move on(my choice is UW or UCSB) and I just want some tips on becoming an astronomer. Any tips guys???
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    You should make a post in the academic guidance and career guidance sections. Actually, there are probably posts about this already, so you may be able to do a search and find some recent ones.
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    Drakkith is totally right, but I just want to add that in fact Astronomy has one of the lowest unemployment rates amongst all the sciences (I believe less that 1%). But this is largely because (or so the article I read theorized) a degree in Astronomy gives you a wide degree of expertise in many fields, not necessarily that there are so many astronomical job positions out there.
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    Thank you guys. Yes, i can understand the unemployment it just sucks that astronomy is cool and exciting career field, yet their one of the lowest paid science careers, hmm..
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