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Career option as Metallurgical engineering

  1. Jul 7, 2009 #1
    Hi every body
    Metallurgical engineering is the backbone of industry for any country. Today in Pakistan there are thousands of factories and mills besides Pakistan steel Mills and Karachi Shipyard and engineering works, where attractive career options for metallurgical engineers are available.******Graduates would typically find employment in the manufacturing sector. Other notable organization where lucrative jobs are available for metallurgical engineers are Heavy Foundry and Forage, Pakistan Automobile Corporation, Bolan Casting, Heavy Mechanical complex Texla, Pakistan Machine Tool Factory, Armament Factories, railways and PIA’s workshops and dozen of such private and public organization.

    For more on this topic
    http://www.mycarerer.edu.pk/career-in-matalurgical-engineer.htm" [Broken]
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