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Career option?

  1. Oct 18, 2007 #1
    career option???

    i dont know how many times this has been asked(probably 347374 times, coz thats what this Academic & Career Guidance forum does:biggrin:), but being a stupid, i ll ask again:tongue:
    i want to do MS after my graduation. apart from clearing GRE test, what else i need to do to prepare for this. i want to do aerospace engineering. i am currently 3rd year mech engg student. i have good a base in fluid mechanics and thermal engineering. precisely, i need to know if i need to write a technical paper??? i admitt, i m scared of it:grumpy:, i havent ever done it, i am more into practical application of things, like i love to participate in local robotics events. i did had a major SAE project with me, whose theoretical part i completed fairly, but because of administrative and monetary reasons, i couldnt finish, so that adds as a failed attempt:cry:. i am really confused about how should i proceed. one more thing, i have three options- take a job, study for management(MBA) or study for further studies. IInd one is least probable, which of the other two is better?? even a strong criticism is welcome. believe me, i am having a tough time now regarding my options:redface:

    one more thing, i hate this drop down smiley list, previous one(yeah, that table one) was much easier to use
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    One combination option would be to take a job with a company that offers tuition reimbursement for your MS classes, and is understanding of the time you put in while you work mostly full time and study part-time. Many larger technology companies offer this tuition reimbursement as an employee benefit to qualified employees. Check out some of their websites, like this page at Boeing.com:

    http://www.boeing.com/employment/careerGrowth/educationResources.html#learningtogether [Broken]
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    ok good advice to start with, but those type of opportunities are mostly available in US, unfortunately i am half world away from US :((
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