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Career options for me

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    I am unsure what I want to do for a career but I really enjoy calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology and physics. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Neuroscience, perhaps?
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    Be a teacher! Pay is pretty good and you can travel with it if you want.
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    It's really hard to suggest anything to someone who is interested in so many subjects at one time. Maybe you ought to either look closer at what you really enjoy doing, or wait till you've been exposed to more advanced material.
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    Odds are you will begin to dislike some of those subjects as you take more courses in them. Give it some time.
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    Do you really want people to post potential career options for you based on a smattering of (presumably) high school subjects you enjoy?

    The trick to figuring this out is to try different things. Get your feet wet, and realize that there likely isn't going to be a "perfect" answer, but there can be some damned good options if you learn to recognize opportunities through experience.
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