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Career options

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    I am chemical engineer from India, and working as a process engr from last 15 months. I want to build my career in aerospace field. But I am not getting the right path, like job or further education etc.
    Suggestions needed.

    Ketan Sakharkar
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    well I think aerospace is just too broad of a topic... What is it about aerospace that interests you?

    from my brief research I done... there are many field in aerospace you can specialize in: Materials science, Solid mechanics, Aircraft structures, Control engineering, Propulsion, Astrodynamics, Fluid mechanics...

    Aerospace can be studied at the advanced diploma, bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. levels in aerospace engineering departments at many universities. Also check out this websites for certifications you my want to accuire: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_certificate
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    I am interested in Propulsion, Astrodynamics, Fluid mechanics.
    so can I enter in these kinds of field???
    certification is okay, but after this, will I get a job since I am a chem engr????
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    I think someone hacked my account and missused it. This quote was not created by me.
    Still, its a good information to share.....
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