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Career Options

  1. Jul 17, 2009 #1
    My major is in Engineering Physics. My two minors will be in Mechanical Engineering and Nuclear Detection. My GPA is not spectacular but not terrible: 3.3. I have decided that Graduate School in Physics is not for me--change of heart. I was thinking of doing the following:

    After graduating get a position in the Nuclear Industry. Work with that company for either a year or two, I do no know what specifically I want to do. Then return to school for a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering; I would like to find a company that would pay for my M.S.

    I would like to intern for this company first before graduating. Can anyone recommend BIG nuclear companies that would be compatible with my goal? A couple posts ago I did mention Westinghouse.

    Besides the standard curriculum at my school, I will be taking extra courses in machining(CNC, etc) at a community college. Just curious to see if this will look good on a resume.

    One last question: what specific job would I be able to apply for with my degree and minors. I will also have a background in machining, programming(C++, Labview, Mathematica), and Unix. I have taken math much more then required(PDE's, Complex Varaibles, and soon a grad course in applied math). I will also be doing research with a Prof in PDEs(solitons) but that probably won't matter.
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