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Engineering Career path advice

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    Hey everyone, I'm nearing the end of high school and I can't for the life of me decide what I want to do... I have a couple choices but I can't decide between them...

    My favourite thing in the world is figuring out the soloutuon to that hard multistep math or physics question, and I believe my overall problem solving skills are pretty good. Right now I'm managing a fast food restaurant and I really enjoy being the guy in charge...

    Some careers I've considered are civil or electrical engineering. I really like the idea of civil engineering but it seems like they are generally the least paid engineers and also seem to do the least amount of math which I would likely find dissapointing (lots of generalizations, but I've done a fair bit of research)

    Electrical engineering also jumps out at me but I'm by no means a computer genius of someone who spends a lot of time fiddling with wires

    Overall I'm not a very hands on person and would probably enjoy office work or being the guy in charge eventually... I certainly wouldn't mind a quick walk through of what each job entails for you personally, thanks:)
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    Couple more things about me: I just really love physics, forces and waves both really peak my interest... also any careers suggestions outside of these two are more than welcome
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    Although I am not a career expert, based on my experience I can suggest a broad career guideline for you to chose from -

    1) Computer Science - There are really some cool stuff such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Self-driving cars, etc happening in the world of technology. All these technologies require computer engineers. So if that interests you, you can choose to become a computer engineer. (Even if not a formal degree, you can learn programming online and prove your skills to the respective organization you wish to work for).

    2) Electronics Engineering - Industrial automation is need of the hour and the demand for electronics engineer is really high. It is difficult to get a good electronics engineer. Not only industry but even the medical industry is getting automated (Surgies in hospitals are getting automated)

    3) Civil Engineering - Civil Engineering is a tricky profession. It is more of an experience-based profession where the professional will trust an engineer, only if he/she has the relevant experience. Although the theory of books is applicable in the real world, but civil engineering requires extensive fieldwork experience.
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