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Physics Career path for BS Physics graduate/Software Developer

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    Hi everyone,

    I graduate with a degree in Physics years back here in our country. My thesis involved developing support software for a LIDAR facility in our university. I've been working as a programmer ever since, mostly using Delphi and Java. I'm really interested in Physics (that's why I took that course) and would like to pursue a career in both Physics and software programming. Can anyone recommend a career path that I can more or less have as a guide as a starter? I'd like to know what fields in Physics I can work as a software developer and what skills (programming languages/other software/hardware) as a software develop should I study.

    Thank you very much! :)
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    What kind of physics do you want to do? just physics in general?
    ...Astrophysics, Supercomputing for physics depts, Material Physics, Realistic Gaming Physics/Physics based Virtual Reality
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    I'm actually looking for general information regarding what jobs I can have in the various fields of Physics. I'm aware of general jobs like programming software for data processing, simulations, etc., but i'm not sure with the particulars that why i'm asking for feedback especially from those who are in the same career path.

    Right now, I'm not inclined to any particular field in Physics. I'd like to see my options first then later on decide which best suits my interest and skills.

    Thanks :)
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    Anyone? :biggrin:
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