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Career Paths

  1. Aug 6, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!

    Im a senior in high school doing the IB diploma program and i'd appreciate it if you could help guide me in choosing a career since my school doesn't seem to be of any help...

    Im extremely passionate about Physics (in particular astro and aerospace) and technology.

    i'd like to know what you thought about pursuing careers in the following and the outlook on each (what is a day like in the life of that certain career) and which you think is best suited for someone who wants to be in an atmosphere where you have to constantly learn new things.

    Things im looking into:
    Astro physics
    Aero space engineering
    Computer science

    thanks for your help (:

    PS. im dying to work in places like NASA, space X, CERN..
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    From those mentioned, computer science is obviously the most irrelevant pick, because CS degree programmes and most research in CS have nothing to do with aeronautics and aerospace research. Although CS topics see some use there as well.

    Get into a physics or an engineering physics programme, with aeronautics and/or aerospace major, if those are what you're into.
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