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Career Research Project

  1. Jun 8, 2010 #1
    Hello, I am a student at Canyon High School and have been assigned to research a career in a science field. I am very interested in physics, so I am looking for any physicist who has some time to answer the following questions. I must also ask that you please send your answers to my email address. I will appreciate any help. Thanks.

    1. How many years of school/what degree do you need to have/internship or field work?

    2. How much $ do you make?

    3. Do you like the job?

    4. Best/worst about job.

    5. Hours? Vacation?

    6. Why did you select this profession?

    7. What are your day to day responsibilities?

    8. What classes in high school and GPA did you need to have?

    9. What qualities does a person need to have in order to be successful at this job?

    10. Do you need to travel for your job?

    11. What college(s) did you go to?

    12. If you didn't go into physics, what other field would you have gone into?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Have you been asked specifically to survey working physics graduates or have you been asked to find the answers to these questions out yourself?

    The answers to all of the objective questions you've asked are available through one means or another on the internet. There are careers databases to answer the salary/qualifications questions - likewise you can get this info from employer websites.
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    i had to do a similar thing at my school- and it was interviewing a person about his job.
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    fasterthanjoao, I have been specifically asked to survey working physicists with the following questions. The three options I have been given to do this is to interview in person,over the phone, or through email. Since I have not been able to get anybody in person or over the phone, I was hoping that there would be somebody here that could help.
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