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Career(s) involving physics and engineering in the marine environment?

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    Hello everyone. First off let me apologize in advance if a question similar to this one has been answered already. I searched around the forums, and I've done some research outside of PF, but I haven't quite found what I'm looking for.

    I am about to enter my sophomore year of college, and I am currently majoring in physics. My plan is to earn my bachelor's in physics and then go on to earn a master's in engineering. My ideal career would be something that incorporated both my love for physics and engineering in a marine environment (I love the water).

    I did a little research on it both marine engineering and marine physics, but the former involved designing submersibles and whatnot while the latter was mostly underwater acoustics. Both of these options sound nice, but I was wondering if there exists a career that is more of a mix of the two. I realize the lines between marine physics and marine engineering are pretty blurry, and both paths I listed above overlap heavily, but nevertheless, does anyone know of any other types of marine careers involving both physics and engineering?

    I realize this is somewhat of an arbitrary question, so thank you to anyone who can lend me some advice!
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