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Career Transition - A big dilemma!

  1. May 27, 2012 #1
    I am currently working with a No 3 IT Service organization in India. I have Graduate degree in Engineering and Science both. I have total 16 years of software development experience and presently working as Technical Manager and oversseing the work of my 60 reportees. Needless to say i am good at Maths and s/w engineering.

    I am bored with saturation in my domain. I would like to switch to new area which is niche and where entry barriers are high. Quant seems to be a such field. True, i need to brush up my Maths and finance knowledge efore aspiring to enter Quant. I am ready to complte the background study and maybe some certifications.

    But my dilemma is that:

    1) whether i would be accepted by comapnies?
    2) My 16 years exp is a plus or minus?
    3) Is it too late to enter into Quant?

    Any advise will help, Thanks in advance.
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