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Career Update

  1. Oct 12, 2015 #1
    So I am screwing off on reddit looking for some decent physics lectures and saw a link that said come over here. So I click and the website looks awfully familiar. I try my usual name and password and it works!

    I look up what my posts were and it was this.


    I just wanted to stop in and say thanks. I am now 2nd year EE student, I know people may come in here and ask questions but I doubt very many come back and give updates.

    Physics is kicking my behind a little bit, but Calculus overall, well honestly Calculus is beautiful man.

    Anyways I'm hopping over to the HW section I just wanted to say thanks for suggesting me to get to Khan Academy got my math skills up to par so I could take the lowest level math classes offered by my school and in one academic year + summer I went from Pre Algebra to Calc 2, I love various comminutes on the internet and you guys truly got me started without judgement.

    As for an actual career update while electric cars are cool, I am thinking more long term benefit to mankind stuff these days (its what engineers do right?) and plan on focusing on AI and Automation fields.

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