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Physics Careers From Quantum Physics

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    I am a student in Australia,NSW I am looking for Bachelors & Degrees in University.
    Quantum Physics looks very interesting, but i dont know what life careers i wanna use it for and I dont know any jobs that acquires Quantum Physics within it. Like can anyone tell me what pathways are there? Like do I get paid fairly?
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    there aren't really careers specific to quantum mechanics, but any working physicist needs to know it. one of my profs said that stat mech and quantum mechanics are the two subjects that every physicist absolutely needs to know how to use.

    ...or you can study quantum mechanics half-assed and write books about how thinking about things actually changes reality and claim to be the reincarnation of an atlantean war god.
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    I'm not sure if this was already evident, but you could always become a College Professor in your respective field. It's a great job that allows you to do research!
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    Anyway, you could consider going into solid state physics or condensed matter physics. Both of these fields use quantum mechanics and have interesting research opportunities, and, depending on the research, a wide variety of applications. I'm only a student, working from my experience as an undergraduate in a solid state lab. I'm sure someone with more experience in these fields can elaborate more than I can.
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