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Careers In Acoustics?

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    I want to study acoustics but not sure what kind of work is out there. I would also like to be able to use my electrical engineering skills. What kinds of careers out there will involve use Electrical Engineering and Acoustics?
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    On the web page of the Acoustical Society of America, http://asa.aip.org/" [Broken], you can find links to article titles and their abstracts from their Journal. Most of the authors are in academia.

    The Audio Engineering Society, http://www.aes.org/" [Broken], also lets you see Journal abstracts. Some of these authors are in industry.

    All phones and computers involve acoustics. Cars too, multi-channel sound systems, acoustic cancellation of road and engine noise, beam-steering a multi-microphone array to point a null at the open window to cancel wind turbulence noise and a peak towards the driver for voice pickup. Modeling of acoustic musical instruments, with a view toward software recreation.

    Electrical engineering is a good fit with acoustics.
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