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Wasn't sure really where to put this thread, so hopefully this was ok. I'm working on my associates degree in mathematics. Are there any viable jobs I can pursue after the completion of the degree? I do plan on going to a 4 year college after I complete my associates degree, but it would be nice to have a semi-decent paying job while I'm still in college (I mean something not like retail or restaurants... those type of jobs).


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Quite frankly, I've never heard of an "associate's" degree in math. Normally, "associate", two year, degrees are either in "skills" (bookkeeping, cooking, nursing, etc.) or are a general "academic" degree for people planning to then attend a four year program. In a four year college people are not normally required to declare a major until late in their second year- so normally associate's degrees are not given in particular subject areas.
Hmm... if you don't pick an area to study then how would one know what classes to take? The degree is called Mathematics, Associates of Arts Degree. The required courses for the degree are
Engl 101
Spch 101
Math 121 (calc)
Engl 102
Math 122 (calc II)
Math 125 (discrete mathematics)
Math 229 (linear algebra)
Math 221 (calc III)
Math 222 (differential equations)
Phys 211 & 221

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