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Physics Careers in quantum physics

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    so cud anyone please tell me wot kind of careers u can get from studying quantum physics in college, despite teaching? thanks
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    maybe it won't be directly related to qm, but somethin than use qm. i think qm is just like foundation knowledge for u to learn something more. so you get job based on that "something" more. e.g. semiconductor technology...??
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    You can get an idea of what the current physics job market is like by going to http://aip.jobcontrolcenter.com/search/ [Broken] and then specifying the search criteria. Employers posts jobs there, and no registration is required to view the postings. I didn't quite understand what you meant by "despite teaching?"

    Also do a search on this forum for physics career, if you havn't done so already.

    Sounds bizzare but Wall Street is one of the biggest employers of physicists in the US, so not all physicists end up doing actual physics work. Something you might want to keep in mind.

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